Morning texting, a must 2 …..

Too much texting now days ?…


Going simple

I’ve decided to go simple and use mi iPhone and some moment lenses for some time .Processing I’ll do on iPhone too using Snapseed .

I find working this way gets you thinking and getting the most out of you .

I’ll try to keep posting going this time .

Here are some shots from some time ago that made me think about using just the iPhone for shooting .


Why a blog ?

I decided starting this blog to share every day experiences and forget all the technique, cameras, lenses megapixels ….. Nowdays I find everything is based on what you use to do things instead of what you do no matter how and what you do it with. Of course it is important and it may change things, but it never should be the protagonist .

So hopefully, writing this blog will help me concentrate in what I do with what I have and forget about what I would need to have to do what I think I would do . ( confusing ? )

Anywhere you look at they are trying to sell you something new, convincing you that you need the new whatever it is  because the one you already have is old , no good nowdays, and you just bought it some months ago ! No way, I don’t want to follow that path any more .

I know  you evolve and you upgrade your material, but that’s the logical way to go, and there is nothing wrong in that of course . The major problem I find is when you get to the point that you think buying “the new one” will mean you will have better photographs , and you realize your photographs are as stunning as they were before with the “old one ” .So normally it’s better to spend your time out and shooting than reading all the new stuff that you can buy, and for sure that does improve your photography.

If any one wants to join me you are welcome, nothing new if you really don’t need it, I bet we will save a lot of money too  😉